EURO cooking challenge update

By now, I am hopelessly behind schedule and am cursing my idea of cooking myself through the countries participating in the EURO 2016. I have actually been quite busy researching cuisines and trying out new dishes. But not all of them came out well, and I also realised I did not really like to post a recipe that I had not creatively tweaked.

So far, I had gotten inspired by the cuisines of France and Romania (Mamaliga with sheep´s cheese and Tapenade), Wales and Switzerland (Spring Rarebit with goat´s cheese and strawberries), Croatia (Cevapcici and Ajvar, both strictly speaking not Croatian dishes), Italy and Sweden (Gravlax Pizza Bianca).

I followed up with Hungarian creamed marrow (a recipe I definitely shall share one day), Slovakian Lokshe  (griddled potato pancakes), and had planned to try Russian cold soup “Okroshka” (tiny diced ham, boiled eggs, cucumber, radishes, spring onions combined with chopped dill and either Kefir or Kvas). I ended up making it into a salad by replacing the Kefir with Soured Cream and not adding any water, as I needed a takeaway lunch, and soup is just not very convenient for transport.

I also baked some white Irish Soda Bread, just using flour, buttermilk, salt and soda. I will not make that one again. If Soda Bread, I will stick to the whole wheat flour & oats variety. In reminiscence of my business trip to Ukraine in 2001, of which I remember drinking too much vodka and spending hours trying to repair a toilet flush, I made some buttered bread with salmon caviar. It by far did not live up to the wonderful taste memories I had been secretly craving for all these years. On Friday, I made some classic British beer-battered fish and chips, which were great but I did not take any photos because time is too precious when you serve something hot and deliciously crispy that will only remain deliciously crispy as long as it is hot.

So, no recipe here, just some photos to prove that I did really take the challenge seriously.




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